lockdown treasure hunt

walkthrough, ideas & advice

This is a slightly different page/project than my others, in that it was created over a few days for just one person. The clues are very stupid, made up almost exclusively of inside jokes and are all based around potato waffles, made to be content for instagram.com/gourmet_wafflesofficial


Normally if I did something like this I'd be told I have too much time on my hands, but since the UK is in lockdown no one can say anything - ha.

I thought I'd document a walkthrough on here so that if anyone else wants to plan a quarantine hour-exercise-a-day hunt you can take inspiration and learn from my mistakes! This was all made on a budget of <£10 - the only costs being waffles, beans and hoops

It was super fun & I highly recommend it! ​



I told Gourmet Waffles that the hunt would start at 2.30pm exactly... I lurked round the corner til the clock struck then left this on his doorstep, rang the bell & ran away. I then walked the route & hid the clues; the 15 minute delay giving me time to be just ahead the whole way but hopefully not so long that the clues got taken

            TYE'S TIPS #1 - I found out that you can make a seal by melting candle wax & scratching into it with a sharp pencil.

                                                       Sadly the wax is too thin to hold the paper, at least of my homemade envelope. Sellotape surroundings & aesthetic only


I initially drew out the map before realising that I already happened to have an A-Z of Bristol from a previous project. Could also print from google maps?


TYE'S TIPS #2 - Vimeo videos automatically lock if you guess the password wrong so many times - I ended up having to send a YouTube link after several failed attempts. Maybe this can be changed in Vimeo settings?!


TYE'S TIPS #3 - Look around you! (Look around you. Just look around you.) for anything external that may be misinterpreted as part of the hunt .

At this point, Gourmet Waffles got diverted by some chalk arrows drawn on the floor and ended up having to message me and double back on himself. Understandably, he thought I'd put them there as part of the hunt. 


I saw the arrows but didn't pay any attention to them; in retrospect I really should've noticed and let Gourmet Waffles know that they were not my doing...

Phone #

Once he had figured out the number he rang to hear the pre-recorded audio above

To set up the pre-recorded audio I used a phone number I had previously bought on Twilio - these are cheap to buy & easy to set up. Twilio does require a minimum of £20 but you can reuse the numbers - my £20 has lasted me 6 months & 5 projects

Alternatively - just set your phone voicemail to a message clue


I had some lockboxes already, but you can get them for around £10 online. Coordinates are always fun to use as they pinpoint exact locations and have numbers you can work out - postcodes also good for shorter clues aren't as specific

As Gourmet Waffles approached the phone box, it rang & played the audio below

Phone Box
00:00 / 00:27

To make the phone box ring I created a basic code in Visual Studio that used another phone number & prerecorded audio from Twilio that I could run from my laptop. I used Teamviewer on my phone to control my laptop screen from afar, then hid in some bushes across the road so I could run the code when I saw that he was approaching...

TYE'S TIPS #4 - If you're doing this, tell your hunt-ee to not be wearing headphones....


Once he said the sentence, I unlocked my car boot & played music (maybe the theme from Desperate Housewives, maybe not) from a bluetooth speaker already in there. He opened the boot to his find final waffley prize. 

And thus concludes the hunt! With one final tip:

TYE'S TIPS #5 - Please wear comfortable shoes, not new Doc Martens. 


I had sneakily (not sneaky at all, I asked him but he didn't realise it was to do with the hunt) got access to the Gourmet Waffle Instagram account and hid the sentence I feel like I am in a film in the hashtags of old posts - each post is numbered with the day of lockdown so he could go through in the above order to find the added hashtag in each one and work out the final clue


Gourmet Waffles - "Best day ever!"