the 2084 protocol

Five players act as housemates in a near-future where all objects are smart devices, connected to one another and storing your data. All players co-owned a vase worth some money that, last night, mysteriously disappeared


Around the room, audio clues are accessible via smartphone by scanning different objects. An AI home assistant, Martin, takes players through 'The 2084 Protocol' to get to the bottom of the disappearance - this includes collecting clues, group discussion and voting rounds via each player's phone


Players must deduce who is responsible for the missing vase, all the while keeping their own secrets


A multi-sensory, personalised social deduction game exploring ideas of data storage and privacy in a fun, lighthearted way. 

The game is a 40-60 minute, five-player experience set in a responsive, physical living room space


A University of the West of England project created as part of UWE's MA Virtual and Extended Realities in collaboration with BBC R&D’s Living Room of the Future project. Created by Anya Tye, Josh Pawlowski, Kassie Headon with help from Maro Onokpise

The experience, currently in a prototype stage, has been ran at Encounters Film Festival, BBC R&D, Trajectory Theatre Hack & Scratch and the SWCTN Immersion Fellowship Showcase. To date we have had over 60 players participate.

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